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Discovering Oil and Gas Industry with Total Oil Indonesia

(Posted by : Envadmin, 12/06/2017  17:26)

total evsp 2017Cikarang, Indonesia — President University hosts PT. Total Oil Indonesia in the seminar themed “Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry” that was held at Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University (7/6). The event attended by Erick Lestario, Senior Legal Council, M. Reza Rifandi, Legal Council, Sito Mirah Ayu, Senior Environmental Engineering, and Astrid Pinkan, Head of Compensation and Benefit of PT Total Oil Indonesia. Dra. Finnieka Kristianto, the Head of Law Study Programme of President University and approximately 100 students also attended the event. The event was held as part of Employee Voluntary Sharing Program (EVSP), an annual program of Total aimed to facilitate total employee who has interest in education to share expertise, knowledge, and experience to higher education students in Kalimantan and Java. In oil and gas companies, there are a lot of regulations that need to be obliged. Erick and M. Reza explained the contract regulations and flow that Total has both with the government and state-owned company. They also elaborate about the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Management System and its implementation in preventing working accident.  Read more…


Environmental Engineering Charity 2017

(Posted by : Envadmin, 02/06/2017  11:32)

env charity 2017
In accordance with the work program of PUMA Env in this Islamic Fasting Day, we want to welcome the feast by carrying out the charity activities to PANTI AT-TAQWA CIKARANG in form of breaking fast together and religious teaching. This activity is also a form of our awareness and social responsibility to provide benefits to people, especially in orphanage. We would say massive thankyou for the spirit of PANTI AT-TAQWA for receiving our donation and happiness. Then, we also would say massive thankyou for the people who become our donaturs in this event. Environmental Engineering Charity 2017, Berbagi keberkahan di bulan Ramadhan [Happy fasting day].  Read more…


Dr. Ir. Yunita Ismail, M.Si. as a Speaker At Research Showcase and SMEs Expo 2017

(Posted by : Envadmin, 24/05/2017  14:37)

JpegCikarang, Indonesia – Through The Research Institute and Community Service Office, President University held its first Research Showcase and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Expo in President University. This two days (May 23-24) event showcases 53 research posters done by the lecturers and students of President University, excluding published books and inventions. In total there are 105 publication materials such as books, journals, and book chapters from 15 contributors of whom are the lecturers of President University. “Through this event, we would like to showcase the researches that have been done by the lecturers of President University to the public.  Read more…



Undangan Seleksi Rapor Untuk Mendapatkan Beasiswa Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan (Batch II)

(Posted by : Envadmin, 16/05/2017  11:33)

env-schoolcropDengan makin pentingnya masalah-masalah lingkungan hidup baik nasional maupun global, maka kebutuhan atas generasi muda dan pemimpin masa depan yang memiliki kemampuan di bidang Lingkungan Hidup baik di kalangan industri maupun masyarakat juga semakin tinggi. Sejalan dengan itu President University ikut berkontribusi dengan program beasiswa untuk program studi Teknik Lingkungan. Tentang kami dapat dilihat di www.president.ac.id, env.president.ac.id dan instagram @envpresuniv. Program beasiswa dapat diikuti dengan mengikuti  proses seleksi tanpa ujian masuk. Adapun yang tersedia adalah beasiswa 60% hingga 100 % (beasiswa penuh) berdasarkan data-data yang Read more…


Congratulation for Winning the 2nd Place in Ide Gila Competition

(Posted by : Envadmin, 02/05/2017  19.55)

degilchamp@envpresuniv, Congratulation for our family : Annisa Nur Wahyuni ( Mechanical Engineering ) Hiqmatus Sholichah ( Enviromental Engineering ), For winning the 2nd PLACE in IDE GILA PERTAMINA COMPETITION!!! Hope their project can have a good impact to the world.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Salam Lestari. Click for more…



Head of Environmental Engineering Study Program PresUniv Attending Jababeka Eco Week

(Posted by : Envadmin, 28/04/2017  08.15)

JBK Eco Week

Jababeka Eco Week, Contribution of Jababeka Infrastructure to preserve the environment. PT Jababeka Infrasructure as the manager of Jababeka Industrial Estate has been serving tenant for 27 years, standing through various facilities and infrastructure such as : water and wastewater treatment plant, energy, estate management, telecommunication services and industrial licensing to support the Read more, source…




Why I became an environmentalist — and how you can become one too

(Posted by : Envadmin, 25/04/2017  10.10)


If you are looking for a list of things you need to do to become an environmentalist, spoiler alert: this isn’t it. There is no recipe for that. I didn’t wake up one day thinking “today I will become an environmentalist” or added that to my new year’s resolution list. It was only when I already was an environmentalist that I noticed I became one. But now I can see the small changes that I made and unconsciously led me to the life I live today. Read more, source…



Community Services – SMAN 2 Cikarang Selatan

(Posted by : Envadmin, 24/04/2017  15.07)


Environmental Engineering Study Program President University with “PUMA ENV” has been invited by SMAN 2 Cikarang Selatan in a sharing session about the environmental issue in our daily life. The purpose of this activity is to promote awareness and concern of their students to the environment. These activities include several sessions, such as presentation, short movie, discussion and tree-planting session. Click for more…




EnvironmenTalk: Raising Awareness on Climate Change and Environment Issues

(Posted by : Envadmin, 17/04/2017  17.10)

Environment Talk-03cf5

Cikarang, Indonesia — Environmental Engineering Study Program of President University held a seminar called “Environment Talk” at Charles Himawan Auditorium President University (12/4). The seminar was attended by Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Cecep Kusmana, Head of Post Graduate Study Program Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Dr. Ir. Anang Sudarna, M.Sc., Ph.D., Head of West Java Environmental Office, Ir. Yana Juhana, M.Sc, Forest.Trop., Deputy Director Macro Forest Plan of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Rijal Hakiki, S.ST., M.T, Lecturer of President University. Read more, source…



@envpresuniv [ BREAKING NEWS ]

(Posted by : Envadmin, 03/04/2017  15.10)

degil hiqmanisaPUMA Environmental Engineering would like to congratulate… Hiqmatus Sholichah (Environmental Engineering 16) Annisa Nur Wahyuni (Mechanical Engineering 16) For their effort in D’GIL Energy Competition that held by Pertamina and get in the TOP 5 for Ide Bisnis Inovatif category!! Hope that they will succesfully pass the GRAND FINAL EXHIBITION on April 29th 2017 and become the 1st winner!!! Keep up the spirit !! Read more…



Proudly Present “The EnvironmenTalk Seminar!”

(Posted by : Envadmin, 03/04/2017  15.20)

envitalkHello Future Leaders!
HIMA Teknik Lingkungan President University dengan bangga mempersembahkan The EnvironmenTalk Seminar!

Kami mengundang kalian untuk meningkatkan kesadaran terhadap perubahan iklim!
Seminar ini terbuka untuk umum, ayo ajak teman-teman se-kampus untuk bergabung dalam acara kita! Jangan sia-siakan kesempatan karena seminar ini GRATIS! Read more…



Environmental Engineering Students Goes to WWTP and WTP Jababeka

(Posted by : Envadmin, 28/02/2017  11.10)

ENV Students visit WTP WWTPEnvironmental Engineering students of President University, facilitated by President University Major Association of Environmental Engineering (PUMA Environmental Engineering), initiated a company visit to Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of PT Jababeka Infrastructure on Friday (17/2) to get practical insights on the field related to their study program. In this occasion, the students are accompanied by the Head of Environmental Engineering Study Program, Ir. Temmy Wikaningrum, M.BA., M.Si. and Filson Maratur Sidjabat, S.T., M.T., one of the lecturers in the study program.

“PT Jababeka Infrastructure, via Waste Water and Water Plant Treatment in Jababeka, is harnessing Kalimalang River as the source of raw water to be distributed to housings and 1,700 factories in Jababeka”, explains Yandes Panelin, S.T., M.T, who is responsible as the Supervisor of WWTP1 Jababeka and also one of the lecturers of Environmental Engineering Study Program in President University. Read more…



Senior Manager Jababeka Visits The Environmental Engineering Laboratory

(Posted by : Envadmin, 29/01/2017  08:22)


In order to introduce the profession of environmental engineering undergraduate, Ms. Istingani, the one of Jababeka Senior Manager (in charge of water and environmental management) visited Environmental Engineering Lab and give a short speech about several “must have skills” that will be needed to be an environmental engineer. She said that what we learn in university just the basic knowledge and it will need some field experience to make it deeper. Read more…




Pengumuman Hasil Seleksi Rapor Beasiswa Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan

(Posted by : Envadmin, 28/01/2017  10:40)


Berdasarkan hasil seleksi terhadap berkas-berkas yang masuk dan hasil interview yang telah dilakukan oleh panitia seleksi beasiswa Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan President University, setelah mempertimbangkan dengan seksama kami ucapkan selamat kepada para kandidat penerima beasiswa sebagai berikut : Read more…





Collaboration in Promoting the Quality of High Education Between President University and Politeknik AKA Bogor

(Posted by : Envadmin, 23/01/2017  14:10)

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-18 at 11.49.21Collaboration between educational institutions is the one of effort to develop and enrich the capacity of the institutions through teaching, research and community service. In connection with that matter, the collaboration has been realized with the signing of MoU between President University and Politeknik AKA Bogor. Politeknik AKA Bogor is the one of educational institutions under Industrial Ministry that provides education of Diploma III specialized in three departements: “the Analytical Chemistry, Food Industrial Quality Assurance and Industrial Waste Treatment. It has been established since 1959 as one of the  Industrial Ministry’s supporting unit in producing chemical analysis expert to organize and develop the industry. To perform this function, it has a professional certification Read more…


Maryani Paramita Astuti, S.T., M.Sc. Present Research Paper at SICEST 2016

(Posted by : Envadmin, 22/01/2017  19:19)

imageSriwijaya International Conference on Engineering, Science and Technology (SICEST) 2016 is international conference that held by Universitas Sriwijaya. Maryani Paramita Astuti, S.T, M.Sc., lecturer of Environmental Engineering President University has presented a research paper entitled ” Laboratory and Pilot Plant Scale Study on Water Dechlorination by Medium Pressure Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation“. It is the study about  the elimination of residual chlorine formed as byproducts of chlorination process, utilizes photon energy generated by low pressure (LP) and medium pressure (MP) UV lamp (to produce powerful hydroxyls which in return break down chemical bond of the residual chlorine). The research paper undergo abstract review process before it can be presented at the conference. She conducts research in collaboration with other researchers who came from academics and practitioners. The laboratory Read more…


Juara Karya Tulis, Mahasiswi President University Ini Ingin Ilmunya Bermanfaat

(Posted by : Envadmin, 20/12/2016  12:56)

img_20161218_132440_hdrcMahasiswa President University, Annisa Nur Wahyuni bersama rekannya Hiqmatus Sholichah menyabet juara satu lomba karya tulis ilmiah tingkat nasional (LKTIN). Mahasiswa semester 1 itu mengalahkan mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Lomba ini diadakan unit kegiatan mahasiswa (UKM) Center of Social and Political Research (Censor) Festival 2016 di Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Minggu (18/12/2016). Dalam rilis yang diterima, Selasa (20/12/2016), pada LKTIN kali ini Censor mengangkat tema ‘Peran Pemuda dalam Pembangunan Keseimbangan Perkotaan. Annisa dan Hiqmatus mengangkat judul karya ilmiah ‘Peran Pemuda Bricus-System Sebagai Inovasi Membangun Perkotaan Berbasis Bio Cyclo Farming’ dengan subtema lingkungan, sosial dan ekonomi. Read more…(Source : detik.com),  Read More at “Liputan6”,  Read More…


Undangan Seleksi Rapor Untuk Mendapatkan Beasiswa Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan

(Posted by : Envadmin, 07/12/2016  11:33)

Dengan makin pentingnya masalah-masalah lingkungan hidup baik nasional maupun global, maka kebutuhan atas generasi muda dan pemimpin masa depan yang memiliki kemampuan di bidang Lingkungan Hidup baik di kalangan industri maupun masyarakat juga semakin tinggi. Sejalan dengan itu President University ikut berkontribusi dengan program beasiswa untuk program studi Teknik Lingkungan. Tentang kami dapat dilihat di www.president.ac.id, env.president.ac.id dan instagram @envpresuniv. Program beasiswa dapat diikuti dengan mengikuti  proses seleksi tanpa ujian masuk. Adapun yang tersedia adalah beasiswa 60% hingga 100 % (beasiswa penuh) berdasarkan data-data yang Read more…


JENV Vol. 2 No. 1 Call for Paper – Journal of Environmental Engineering and Waste Management (Deadline: February, 1st 2016)

(Posted by : Envadmin, 17/11/2016  18:46)

CVR JENV (28.04.2016)

JENV adalah jurnal yang mengkaji berbagai masalah/persoalan terkini yang bersifat mendasar atau terapan yang berhubungan dengan bidang teknik dan pengelolaan lingkungan serta pengelolaan limbah dengan frekuensi penerbitan dua kali setahun pada April dan Oktober. Kelayakan pemuatan dipertimbangkan oleh penilai dengan double blind review berdasarkan keaslian dan keabsahan ilmiah Read more…




The Student of Environmental Engineering President University being Top 10 Finalist of Essay National Public Health Competition in UNEJ

(Posted by : Envadmin, 05/12/2016  14:26)

14803892464494th Public Health Competition is held by Universitas Negeri Jember in November 17-19th 2016. This competition consist of Essay National Competition and Scientific Work Competition with “Contribution of Young Generation Using Demographic Bonus For Successing SDGs 2030” theme. Yemima Marnalita Hasibuan as student of environmental engineering President University be participant of this event through essay with title “Contibution of Young Generation to Revitalization of River Using Demographic Bonus For Successing SDGs 2030.” This essay succeed bring her to be Top 10 Finalist of essay national competition in this event. Read more…


Environmental Engineering President University Proudly Present Green Day 2016 Competition For High School Student

(Posted by : Envadmin, 01/12/2016  10:16)

1480595818772For commemorate International Tree Day in November 21th 2016, the students of environmental engineering present Green Day 2016 Competition in November 26th 2016. Remember young generation will be hold the future, so this competition is focused to high school student. Green Day 2016 Competition consist of mock up competition, photography competition, and short movie competition with “Tree Day” theme. So many of high school’s students very anthusiast to follow this competition. In this competition, they asked to presentation of their creation, then the judgement will ask their presentation, and give some suggestion for them. Read more…


Where are the Engineers? (Writer: J. Scott Younger)

(Posted by : Envadmin, 17/09/2016  16:26)

IMG_4378-rsz-crpAs engineering disciplines step up their professionalism, a prime focus of PII, then it is important that these changes that have been adopted in leading world universities be embraced in Indonesia’s top engineering programs. There is much work to do in this area. Furthermore, it is important that today’s Indonesian engineers, and I have had the pleasure of interacting with many competent ones over the years, take their place at the top echelons of world associations and take pride in contributing to the development of new ideas, for example in how today’s and tomorrow’s technology will lead to more efficient cities as these expand in number and size, and as we increasingly adopt the power of the sun directly for our energy. May those smiling faces at graduation in the future include many more engineers to propel Indonesia’s development? Read more…(Source : The Jakarta Post)