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Student of Environmental Engineering Study Program will learns how to design and manage the waste treatment, drinking water supply infrastructures, air pollution control, including environmental policy and laws, environmental management system and its documentation, economic and safety aspects. Study program emphasizes real problem solving in industry and community through internship program, field visit, research, and community empowerment to prepare students for fulfilling their career.

Specialize Subjects Will Be Taken


Concentration 1 (ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT) : Environmental Quality Management System, Environmental Economy and Valuation, Eco-industrial Estate Development, Pollution Prevention/Green Technology.

Concentration 2 (INDUSTRIAL WASTE MANAGEMENT) : Industrial Waste Treatment, Hazardous Waste & Remediation, Cleaner Production/Green Production Process, Industrial Waste Recycle Technology.




Future Field & Career

TLPUOV(210516)2A. Manufactures, Industries and Engineering : Safety & Health Engineer, Water and Waste Water Engineer, Environmental Manager, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Laboratory & Quality Control Analyst.

B. Public Services NGOs, and the governmental organizations

C. Educational Sector : Professional educator / Trainer, Lecture / Teacher, Researcher.

D. Consulting Engineering Services