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Message from the Head of Study Program

Bu TemmyThe higher need of healthy living environment was urged by population growth, industrial growth, greater economical demand, and rapid development of technology that enhances the complexity of environmental problems. In other hand, the natural resource as the main supporting of human life is limited. It is a very critical problem that should be noticed by our generation. At present, the global environmental problems are water (scarcity, water pollution, drinking water availability, waste water, drainage system, etc.); solid waste (garbage and hazardous wastes); air emission and pollution; environmental documents (environmental impact assessment, environmental management & monitoring effort); environmental health and sanitation; occupational health and safety, etc.

The government of Indonesia has ratified many international agreements to anticipate the national environmental problems. The subjects of ratification are : Agenda 21 (residential, water supply, waste management, urban health and environmental pollution; Millennium Development Goals (MDGs, World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in September 2002) and Climate Change (the series of activities from UN Conference on the Human Environment di Stockholm on June 16, 1972 which was followed by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on May 9 1992 and13th UNFCCC (Bali, December 3-14, 2007). The ratification had been followed up by national development planning as the program and activities (Act no 17 year 2007 about the national development planning year 2005-2025).

As the educational institution, President University, which is located in “Kota Jababeka” – developed in 5600 ha industrial basis, gives contribution by providing the human resources who have a good knowledge and skills in environmental engineering. Environmental engineering study program provides two majors, which are environmental management and industrial waste management. The majors are being developed based on the potential need survey, conducted by President University in several industrial companies.

The objective of environmental engineering study program in President University is to produce the environmental engineers who have good knowledge, technical expertise and skills in applicable, systematic, and integrated environmental problem solving. The problem solution is approached by the skills of engineering, complying with regulations, using natural resources sparingly and environmental management. The proper solution is necessary for supporting the sustainable national development, mainly in the industrial sector, to be an environmental friendly industrial development.

Realizing to the high demand, wide career opportunities in environmental engineering area, and also many interesting challenges, young generation should be in charge in contributing in the global sustainable development. For preparing the reliable contributing, it is the right choice to take the education in environmental engineering study program in President University.

Head of Environmental Engineering Study Program