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Welcome to Official Site of Environmental Engineering Study Program at President University


Brief Summary

Student of Environmental Engineering Study Program will learns how to design and manage the waste treatment, drinking water supply infrastructures, air pollution control, including environmental policy and laws, environmental management system and its documentation, economic and safety aspects. Study program emphasizes real problem solving in industry and community through lab-based learning process, problem/project-based learning process, internship program, field visit, research, and community empowerment to prepare students for fulfilling their career. Read more…


Dr. Ir. Yunita Ismail, M.Si. as a Speaker At Research Showcase and SMEs Expo 2017

(Posted by : Envadmin, 24/05/2017  14:37)

JpegCikarang, Indonesia – Through The Research Institute and Community Service Office, President University held its first Research Showcase and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Expo in President University. This two days (May 23-24) event showcases 53 research posters done by the lecturers and students of President University, excluding published books and inventions. In total there are 105 publication materials such as books, journals, and book chapters from 15 contributors of whom are the lecturers of President University. “Through this event, we would like to showcase the researches that have been done by the lecturers of President University to the public.  Read more…


Undangan Seleksi Rapor Untuk Mendapatkan Beasiswa Program Studi Teknik Lingkungan (Batch II)

(Posted by : Envadmin, 16/05/2017  11:33)

env-schoolcropDengan makin pentingnya masalah-masalah lingkungan hidup baik nasional maupun global, maka kebutuhan atas generasi muda dan pemimpin masa depan yang memiliki kemampuan di bidang Lingkungan Hidup baik di kalangan industri maupun masyarakat juga semakin tinggi. Sejalan dengan itu President University ikut berkontribusi dengan program beasiswa untuk program studi Teknik Lingkungan. Tentang kami dapat dilihat di www.president.ac.id, env.president.ac.id dan instagram @envpresuniv. Program beasiswa dapat diikuti dengan mengikuti  proses seleksi tanpa ujian masuk. Adapun yang tersedia adalah beasiswa 60% hingga 100 % (beasiswa penuh) berdasarkan data-data yang Read more…


Congratulation for Winning the 2nd Place in Ide Gila Competition

(Posted by : Envadmin, 02/05/2017  19.55)

degilchamp@envpresuniv, Congratulation for our family : Annisa Nur Wahyuni ( Mechanical Engineering ) Hiqmatus Sholichah ( Enviromental Engineering ), For winning the 2nd PLACE in IDE GILA PERTAMINA COMPETITION!!! Hope their project can have a good impact to the world.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Salam Lestari. Click for more…



Head of Environmental Engineering Study Program PresUniv Attending Jababeka Eco Week

(Posted by : Envadmin, 28/04/2017  08.15)

JBK Eco Week

Jababeka Eco Week, Contribution of Jababeka Infrastructure to preserve the environment. PT Jababeka Infrasructure as the manager of Jababeka Industrial Estate has been serving tenant for 27 years, standing through various facilities and infrastructure such as : water and wastewater treatment plant, energy, estate management, telecommunication services and industrial licensing to support the Read more, source…




Why I became an environmentalist — and how you can become one too

(Posted by : Envadmin, 25/04/2017  10.10)


If you are looking for a list of things you need to do to become an environmentalist, spoiler alert: this isn’t it. There is no recipe for that. I didn’t wake up one day thinking “today I will become an environmentalist” or added that to my new year’s resolution list. It was only when I already was an environmentalist that I noticed I became one. But now I can see the small changes that I made and unconsciously led me to the life I live today. Read more, source…



Community Services – SMAN 2 Cikarang Selatan

(Posted by : Envadmin, 24/04/2017  15.07)


Environmental Engineering Study Program President University with “PUMA ENV” has been invited by SMAN 2 Cikarang Selatan in a sharing session about the environmental issue in our daily life. The purpose of this activity is to promote awareness and concern of their students to the environment. These activities include several sessions, such as presentation, short movie, discussion and tree-planting session. Click for more…

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